sometimes i watch videos of comedians on youtube and i literally laugh till i cry and then i looked at the comments and they’re all like “not funny” “you suck” “the jokes fell flat” “get this asshole off the stage” and im so confused

a lot of the time when people use “neuroatypical” and “neurodivergent” when describing mental illness seems to erase/ignore the existence of neurological disabilities and that makes me so fucking uncomfortable it’s gotten to the point seeing the words used to describe mental illness kind of annoys me regardless of whether it’s being used in a way that ignores neuro disorders in that particular instance or not

why do allistic people have so much trouble with the concept of autistic people experiencing sexual attraction/being sexually active



can u imagine cooking mama in smash tho, she’d be a total beast whipping around frying pans and throwing around onions and her FS would be her getting mad like when you fuck up a recipe and flames grow around her and eventually engulf the entire stage



when u start liking the antagonist 



seven vagànias

mmmmmmm i want to write but i just……….mmmmm…………………..

*draco tries to bribe some teens to go annoy harry and they agree to do it without asking for anything in return*

Draco is not one to bite the gift horse that feeds him, or whatever it is, so he just accepts it, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible while still watching them.

It soon becomes very clear to Draco that he absolutely should be one to bite the gift horse that feeds him, because as he’s watching, he sees the kids say something to Potter and point in his direction.

imagine draco malfoy crouched amongst a sea of strollers trying to appear inconspicuous with his eyes slightly squinted as he stares at harry. what have i done

now the reason is stuck in my head bye