hamamael from now on whenever i say your name i’m not actually gonna say your name i’m just gonna refer to you as The Pegster

queerwallacewells replied to your post “i think i dont really sound like i have an accent of any sort when im…”

u call pants britches….omg

dont even start

i didnt even realize i had an accent at all till like 3 years ago when i went to north carolina for the duke thing and several people commented on it

i think i dont really sound like i have an accent of any sort when im talking normally and slowly and stuff (or at least it’s very very subtle) but then when i get excited about something or i’m just talking quickly and have been talking a ton without any pauses it totally comes out

i totally start pronouncing “i” like “ah” and dropping the g off the -ing suffix and i never really say y’all in conversation but i start using other southern-ish words like i start to for example say “i’m fixin to” instead of “i’m goin to” and calling pants britches and calling people im related to “kin” and “kin folk”

actually i do those last three all the time but it’s not as obvious when i’m not doing the other stuff

http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/slow_club/sorry_about_the_doom_tab.htm mmmmmmmmmm

my fingers are killin me but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end. im countin on this song to make my dad cry when i play it for him. it sounds like the kinda song that would

mmmmmmmmmmmm i woke up bc i was nauseated after 4 hrs of sleep w/e im gonna stay up a lil bit bc i dont feel well enough to fall back asleep but if im not asleep by 1 im gonna take something to help and then force myself to lay down


2008 Fender Thin Skin Jaguar in Shell Pink

now in @ www.thunderroadguitars.com

my fav part abt it is the tiny awful chick-like thing that i drew when my sister and i were trying to convince u the drawing was gr8

i keep rabdom shit in a pocket of my purse this habit was mostly borne of tbe fact tbat i never clean out my purse but like i have your wristband from the city museum too and my namd tag from ctca visits

omg :^D